Positive behaviour will be acknowledged and celebrated through:

  • Verbal praise and encouragement and child’s photo being placed on the appropriate golden value shooting star
  • Sharing behaviour achievements with various adults/audiences.
  • Smiles/Stickers/stamps for good behaviour (‘encouragers’)
  • Significant achievement stickers for behaviour targets
  • Giving children special responsibilities
  • Each staff will discuss the class and rules with the children

The ‘Golden Rules, behaviour strategy and will be prominently displayed and regularly referred to and discussed

  • The class behaviour rules will consist of clear, explicit, positive behaviour statements
  • There will be a maximum of eight rules
  • Certificates will be given for effort and constant good example

All actions and rewards are subject to the needs of the individual child. A quiet but firm approach to discipline is followed throughout the nursery.
The very successful behaviour system in the nursery suits the age of our children.

All children start on the happy face!


If rules are not being followed by our children, they will be placed on ‘time out’ appropriate to their age but our staff will make sure that they stay with them throughout the time out period and will explain the reason why they were placed on time out so there the children can correct their behaviour and follow the rules in future.